Skin Care Essentials

Jamie our nurse practitioner will be overseeing the HydraFacials as a welcome addition to her medical aesthetics, weight loss, and injectables clinic.

Call for Introductory Pricing

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Did you know?

A monthly treatment maintains skin health, is beneficial for all skin types, has no downtime, no discomfort (it's actually relaxing!), cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates all in one 30 minute treatment!!

Why would a Plastic Surgeon have HydraFacial?

Dr. Newman specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery so having the hydrafacial makes sense for patients who have or are considering undergoing facelift or other rejuvenation procedures. Furthermore maintaining good skin health improves your overall health and well being. These hydrafacial treatments can also enhance the results of fillers and Botox giving an overall improved natural more youthful appearance.